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Re: Orange Wing

Posted by Kristen on 1/19/06
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    His wings are clipped now! That was fun! Yeah, I've done this
    before. The worse part is that he just wants nothing to do
    with humans besides talking to them from the inside of his
    cage. That's it! Hopefully, I will be able to work on that.

    On 1/17/06, Scott wrote:
    > On 1/17/06, Kristen wrote:
    >> Got a Orange Wing Amazon in yesterday....30 years old. No
    >> history. Not tame. Wish me luck! -Kristen
    > _________________________________________________________
    > I do wish you LOTS of luck. Are his wings clipped? Have you
    > ever done this before? I do not have a lot of experience
    > but I have several friends that do, so i will be watching
    > for you!! -Scott-