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Re: I am trying to teach my yellow nape to talk

Posted by Britt on 1/25/06
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    On 1/24/06, Ozzy wrote:
    > I have a recording device called a Wordy Birdie. You speak
    > in to it and you can program it to repeat it as often as you
    > like. The key is to speaking is clear voice and repetition.
    > Some birds seem to take forever then all of the sudden will
    > start talking. Just donít give up. P.S. sometimes they pick
    > up stuff that they weren't trained to. Be careful what you
    > say around them!
    Thanks for the advise on the wordy birdy, I saw them on E-
    bay :) My yellow nape mumbles a lot and says a few words and
    I have heard that they get clearer with age, is that correct?