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Post: the time has come for a new cage for Coco

Posted by susan on 1/30/06

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    A while ago when I got my rescued baby I said I wanted
    another cage for her once she had settled down some, and
    some help was offered. Coco LOVES her cage but it is
    looking scruffy. Anywya advice to but on ebay was
    offered, thats not a problem I am a seller on ebay. Type
    on the other hand I would love some advice on. I like

    or Model # PC-4226 (I found it more expensive but better
    pics on other sites)

    Is this a good choice for my baby? If not what is? We
    are not in a major hurry and price though not unlimited is
    not a huge problem.

    Coco does NOT like her playtop but she does like her door
    which has added play perches and toys so I thought that
    shape might be ideal for her, but is it big enough?

    Anyway advice would be appreciated.

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