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Re: Question

Posted by Michael L on 2/02/06
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    On 2/02/06, Becky wrote:
    > I am thinking of getting an amazon and I would like to
    > know if they can handle my working. I work 9 hours a day
    > but I love to play with my cockatiels and I would like to
    > get a larger parrot. I want to make sure I can give it
    > what it needs. I would have the bird out and with me 3 -4
    > hours a day as well as on the weekends.

    Many people work who have birds as companions. It's not an
    unreasonable situation, especially if they are committed to
    their birds.
    From what you said in your post, you intend to make time
    every day for the bird and I'm sure the time spent would be
    quality time.
    I dont' foresee a problem.

    Michael L