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Re: Question

Posted by susan on 2/02/06
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    My Coco was a rescue and she spends abou 9 hours alone, she knows
    what time we get up and says "hello" until we do (annoying on days
    off ;)) She then says 'Goodbye" and waves her foot when its time
    for me to leave the house. She knows what time I get home and is
    shouting 'Hello' and 'how you doing' from the moment the car pulls
    up. She then spends the evening out of her cage either on my
    shoulder or her perch or the shower rail or wherever I am. My
    huband is home with her some days that I am not and she gets to
    come out of her cage but she sits and watches TV with him until I
    come home when she starts to talk again. She seams a happy bird
    who scarily is older than her vet!!!!