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Re: More than one bird???

Posted by Debbie on 2/02/06
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    They do have their social hour. I have a DYH, YN and BF plus
    a few more pet birds here in the house.
    It depends on the birds I think. Here I cover them up with a
    dark sheet when they go back and forth doing louder calls
    because my husband sleeps days and I have to keep the peace.
    I have tried many things but this works best here. You would
    think they would learn but they dont mind.
    I think 2 might be a little worse as noise goes because they
    know what buttons to push to get the other one going. My old
    DYH usually calls Doug once if not more a day. He lived with
    the lady name Douglas (previous owner) for 35 years but she
    just couldnt do for him like he needed being in her 80's so
    we adopted him. Anyhow everyday he calls his Doug. One day
    he hadnt yet but my YN started like a kid saying quietly
    Doug, Doug to get him going so he would get in trouble ...he
    doesnt stop once he's going.
    Long story short Douglas always got emails and pictures so
    she could see her bird was doing great here and got a kick
    out of the birds stories from our everyday crazy life. She
    was thrilled he called her name like he does too. We have
    had him for 2 years now and he still calls his Doug. She
    sadly passed away last June but her daughters said she was
    so happy he was in a good home and could still see him.
    Sorry I always get carried away with my animal stories.
    Follow your heart about another amazon. I do love mine.

    On 2/02/06, Sharon wrote:
    > Hi
    > Just wanted a bit of advice...I have a YNA and am thinking
    > about getting a DY Amazon. Do you think that as a rule
    > birds are noisier together or would two be as noisy as one
    > or does it just depend on the bird????
    > Thanks for any advice