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Re: Can wings be different sizes???

Posted by Dave on 2/07/06
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    On 2/03/06, Sharon wrote:
    > Ok I have had Cosmo a YN for amonth and a half now. When I
    > got him he would bite and climb all around the cage to get
    > away he wouldn't play with toys. Now this wonderful guy
    > plays with his toys...chews them up and spits them out!!:)
    > And between yesterday and today he has decided he will
    > step up,I took him out of the cage for the first
    > time:):):) He is on top of his cage shaking himself and
    > flapping his wings and wagging his tail! I am so happy for
    > him he is such a good boy! But I have a question he's up
    > there flapping his wings and it appears his right wing is
    > smaller and the feathers seem stragly? Could it be because
    > he hasn't exercised in I don't know how long or born that
    > way?? Any suggestions would be appreciated. He's up there
    > making all kinds of noises and preening away making
    > himself pretty!

    It's possible that there might be a few flight feathers
    that have been moulted recently and the new ones haven't yet
    grown back fully. You say that other feathers don't look as
    alive as others. Many times, feathers get that way because
    they're dying and will be shortly moulted. It doesn't seam
    like he has health problems. He sounds like a real rascal.
    It's also possible that some of his feathers didn't grow out
    to their full length from the lack of activity. Since he's
    now preening, keep an eye open to check what feathers start
    falling out. I think he's just trying to make himself look
    like a real lover----Dave