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Re: Mexican Red Head Amazon

Posted by Zon Mom on 2/15/06
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    I have a male ( DNA sexed ) MRA & he can raise the roof when
    he wants to! But it's now breeding season for these birds (
    Feb - May ) so that's probably why your male ( ? ) is being
    so agressive to the other bird right now. I suggest keeping
    them apart 24/7 since one is agressive & the other isn't
    interested in the other birds advances. You don't need the
    shy bird getting injured by the other bird ( & beleive me
    they can do a lot of damage when they want to, to a human or
    other animal ). And it would be a good idea for you to get
    them both sexed ASAP. Go to Avian Biotec website & see
    different options for getting it done without having to go
    thru a vet ( which will be quite expensive ).

    Zon Mom