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Re: Mexican Red Head Amazon

Posted by adrain on 2/16/06
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    On 2/15/06, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > Mexican Red Head Amazon recently started making extremely
    > loud noise. (best way to describe it, sounds like house
    > alarm) It is so loud, it hurts my ears.
    > I purchased the pair as "proven". Although, I don't
    > believe that to be true. He is extremely aggressive
    > towards her. To the point where I had to separate them. He
    > is pretty tame, and I believe was once a pet, NEVER a
    > breeder bird. She is not tame.
    > Can someone tell me if this noise is "typical" of the
    > Mexican RedHead? Is this a mating call?
    Hey you know what my DYH makes the same kind of noise. It
    sounds like an alarm or a siren. I dont think ive ever
    heard any onther parrots make such a noise. I always
    assumed that Ginger may have picked this sound up from an
    alarm of sorts from her previous owner. But i guess it
    could be one of her natural sounds now that i know someone
    elses amazon makes a similar noise. Who knows it could be a
    coinsidence that both of our amazons picked up the sound of
    a house alarm from thier previous owners