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Posted by adrain on 2/16/06
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    On 2/15/06, DAVID wrote:
    > Hi
    > I just got 2 DYH amazons...I was told they were females
    > then I was told they were male and female.Their sex really
    > doesn't matter I wnated pets. They seem to not get along
    > with eachother they peck and growl at eachother.I was told
    > they were bonded and could not be seperated?? I think
    > they'd be happier seperate though. Can I seperate them
    > will they be ok. One of them seems curious about people
    > and seems to want to interact a bnit but the other one
    > attacks her when she tries to step up!!! Any help is
    > appreciated.
    Hey Dave I have a Double yellow head too and ive read
    that the male does get agresive w/ its mate and even more so
    when breeding. As a matter a fact ive heard it suggested
    that when you have a breeding pair its wize to clip the
    males wings so that the female could escape him when he
    becomes too agressive. As far as the less friendly bird
    attacking the other when it tries to step up this sounds
    like male jelousy. One reason the male becomes agressive in
    breeding pairs is to keep the female away from other
    suiters. The agressive bird just may be the male who thinks
    you are trying to seduce his female.
    Congratulations with the new pair. Do you plan to breed
    them if they are M&F? I think ive seen you in here for some
    time now what did you have before the DYHs? and how many in
    your flock now?