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Re: Hi Gail - When in trouble ask Linda

Posted by Jimbo on 2/24/06
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    On 2/23/06, Gail wrote:
    > On 2/23/06, Jimbo wrote:
    >> On 2/23/06, Gail wrote:
    >>> It didn't work, sorry.
    >> ..
    >> Humans rude? You must be mistaken Gail. We are programmed:-
    >> Females - sugar and Spice; Males Superior beings :)Take your
    >> time or better still ask a male to help you. Any male 4 to 104.
    >> Good luck
    >> Nice Jimbo.
    > I thought males were puppy dog tails ;), right about now I'd
    > take advise from either!!
    > Gail
    Thank goodness a female with a sence of humour :)
    Sorry mate I cant help ya but Linda is a real good Sheila and
    I am sure will help you (maybe just a tad below us mere males but
    for the opposite sex a "good stick" lol and knows although it hurts
    to say this "a lot more than many blokes"