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Re: Picture Posting 101

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/25/06
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    On 2/23/06, Gail wrote:
    > I amtrying to send a picture of Jake, I am not as computer
    > savy as most of you, so if it doesn't appear, please don't
    > be rude like the last time I tried.

    Thanks Jim ........... Not rudeness from me Gail I want you
    to learn.

    When I download photos from my camera I resize (usually to a
    5x7 photo) in my camera program and save in a file on my
    desktop so they are ready for an album and to burn to a cd.

    You can't just post from your computer as you did. You have
    to have an online album and I suggest
    Open a free account and upload your photos...

    under each thumbnail is the links and you will hilight and
    copy the top one for URL..... come back here / DELETE THE
    EXISTING HTTP in the Image URL box and paste in yours.

    taa daa should be a photo.

    If you want to post the album you would copy what is in your
    browser address when at the site and copy/paste into the
    Link URL and don't forget to give it a title in next box ^
    up there.

    When I work in photos I have 2 windows open.

    good luck

    LindaC in OK sometimes on tiel, quaker and breeder boards.

    This photo is new cage for my Lilo/Q.... I keep hoping
    someone will drop by to help put it together. dang if I'm
    not getting older every minute and no strength. lol ah okay
    I will probably do it myself as usual.

    I will stop back later to see your photo Gail :-)