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Post: Yellow Nape Amazon for placement

Posted by Stacey on 2/25/06

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    I have a Male Yellow-Nape who is in need of a new home. I
    bought him to pair with my hen, but she is way too passive
    for him. He needs a woman that will stand up to him. He was
    hand raised, but is no longer tame and will bite people.
    Unfortunately, I do not have room for singles, or I would
    keep him. He is a very magnificent bird!!! His plumage is
    breathtaking, and he is all-around put together well. This
    bird is not for the beginner. Price is negotiable for the
    right person. I will be screening potential buyers. I would
    also prefer to keep him in the state of Florida, as I do not
    like to ship birds.

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