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Re: Jakes 2nd pic

Posted by Gail on 2/25/06
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    On 2/25/06, Michael L wrote:
    > On 2/25/06, Gail wrote:
    >> On 2/25/06, Gail wrote:
    >>> I goofed the last post and sent the same pic, I'll try
    >>> again...
    >> NNever mind, I keep posting the same one...I'll try again
    >> tomporrow, or later........I think I am technologically
    >> challenged............
    > Challenged or not, he's a handsome bird!
    > Glad to see you got the photo posting thing down pat (almost)!
    > Michael L

    Thanks Michael, I think he's handsome also. He is a great little
    guy, I am glad I decided on the WFA, even though he's small, he
    had a huge personality.

    I read these posts and wonder when all the screaming and other
    behaviors I read about will start, Jake is happy and loves to
    try new foods, he likes people and will go to just about
    everyone. He is great at entertaining himself and as long as he
    gets out of his cage and on to his playstand daily, he is

    He is 8 months old, so maybe the difficult stages are still to