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Re: Jakes 2nd pic

Posted by Jim on 2/26/06
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    On 2/25/06, Gail wrote:
    >> >
    > I read these posts and wonder when all the screaming and other
    > behaviors I read about will start, Jake is happy and loves to
    > try new foods, he likes people and will go to just about
    > everyone. He is great at entertaining himself and as long as he
    > gets out of his cage and on to his playstand daily, he is
    > content.
    > He is 8 months old, so maybe the difficult stages are still to
    > come.
    > Gail
    It's like having kids (not that I have any) but I do have family
    with kids and birds are similar in the stages they go through so be
    prepared that Jake will have his moments lol. He is a good looking
    fella. You could be lucky and have very few problems but hey
    looking after any creature (even those pink squiming beings called
    humans) take caring for, so a committment is for life with all it's
    ups and downs. I have Galahs and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos in two
    huge averys with all having been in trauma and all improving as
    they heal with one Galah who comes and goes inside and out who
    could leave any time but chooses to stay with me so you see I
    cannot be all bad lol.
    Good luck with Jake and appreciate how privledged you are to be
    able to care for him :)
    I wish I knew half as much as Michael and Linda.