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Re: Jake at 8 months

Posted by Stacey on 2/26/06
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    Are you sure Jake is a male? I breed WFA's and my males all
    have red shoulders as soon as the pins start to open. You
    might want to have him/her sexed to make sure. WFA's are not
    the best talkers. They do talk, but the voice is very
    growl-sounding and they tend to be better whistlers than
    anything. I think Jake is right on schedule if he is trying to
    make out words at 8 months old. Just keep at it!

    On 2/25/06, Gail wrote:
    > I think this one worked, I have a couple questions, Jake
    > is 8 months old, when will he start getting his adult
    > coloring? Also, he is trying so hard to talk, sometimes
    > he can get a few words out that are almost clear. Of
    > course, I don't care if he ever talks, but never having a
    > bird before, I was wondering how long the process takes.
    > He loves to hang upside down and is qite a character. He
    > has his moments, but seems to be happy and well adjusted.