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Re: Jake at 8 months/Zon Mom

Posted by Gail on 3/09/06
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    On 3/09/06, Kitty.J wrote:

    > lol. Well even if you don't want to breed him/her its always good to
    > know what type of sex your bird got, so you can properly address
    > him. :)

    I have an appointment for next week. I can also have tests done for
    Polyma, FBFD, Chlamydia adn Pacheco's. I'll ask the vet what he

    He is a happy little guy, and eats just about anything. He/she also
    likes his showers. Starting to get a little noisy at times, but
    nothing serious, he seems to be happy entertaining himself with his
    toys and have a new favorite food. Really likes endame in the pods.