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Post: aggresive bird help please!

Posted by Sharon on 2/26/06

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    Hoping for HELP!!! We have two DYA not sure of the sexes.
    One of them is semi tame will step up and will tolerate
    being petted sometimes...the other is just AGGRESIVE can't
    get near her without her biting HARD! Tonight I got them a
    LArge cage and was trying to get them into it well I got
    the friendlier of the two in and she seems fine. I haven't
    yet gotten the aggresive bird out of the old cage. My
    question is Would it be really bad to seperate them? I
    know they have been caged together for two years, the
    aggresive bird seems to pick on the other also . I have
    spoken to the original owner and he said the aggresive
    bird has always attacked the other but he kept them caged
    together anyway?? Please help I don't want to keep them
    seperated if it will cause them emotional stress but I
    wouldn't mind keeping them apart since the friendlier one
    will be easier to handle if I didn't have to dodge the

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