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Re: HELP! i think my bird has aspergillosis/ false alarm

Posted by adrain on 3/08/06
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    On 3/03/06, Fran wrote:
    > Hi Adrian, I know it's always tough to make a call on an
    emergency vet visit, but in
    > the case of birds, it's usually best to err on the side of
    caution. Sick birds can go
    > down very quickly, and getting started on treatment a day or
    two sooner can often
    > make the difference. If your emergency vet is an avian vet,
    I wouldn't hesitate to
    > get Charlie to him on Saturday. Please post and let us know
    how everything goes.
    > Fran
    Charlies doing fine he had a mild bactierial infection or
    something like that. Ive got the medication and am
    adminisering it as the Doc. perscribed. Neomyocine i think it
    is. anyhow its only for a couple of days so the Doc says
    theres no worries of aspergillosis after the antibiotic
    treatment (For those of you who may not know birds are
    succeptible to the fungis after they have been compramized my
    antibiotic treatment and illness). Charlies also just got a
    new and very large cage so he's happy about that. Oh and the
    vet also said that for his age and previous care charlie is in
    unusually great health. We're gonna knock out this little
    bactierial thing and continue to work on his diet (all seed at
    this point).