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Re: HELP! i think my bird has aspergillosis/ false alarm

Posted by Adrian on 3/17/06
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    Thank you, and no new foods yet. Charlies still a seed junkie.
    Well he will eat some of the foods i eat but only if i eat it with
    him. He wont eat new foods from his bowl. Hes been a junkie for
    all of his 16 years as far as i can suspect.

    On 3/09/06, Fran wrote:
    > Adrian, Great news!! I've had to treat one of my birds for the
    > same thing. Basically looked like a crusty nare. My vet said
    > that sometimes dust from the seeds can contribute to the
    > problem. Has Charlie been willing to try any new foods yet?
    > Sometimes it's really tough to wean a "seed junkie" but don't
    > give up. It helps if you can let Charlie see you "eating" the
    > food you are offering. I'm glad he has a new large cage too. It
    > looks like Charlie has a guardian angel and his luck has
    > certainly changed!