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Posted by Adrian on 3/17/06
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    Well i went straight from here to a yahoo search and found this

    In general, look for paints which:
    - do not contain lead, zinc or chromate
    - are "high adhesion", formulated to bond with the metal
    - are hard-wearing
    - are fast drying

    Thought you might wanna read it too. I listed the website
    incase you wanted to read the whole article. Hope i was

    On 3/17/06, Adrian wrote:
    > On 3/11/06, SHAY wrote:
    >> Hi
    >> Does anyone know if there are any safe spray paints to use
    >> on a bird cage? I love the cage I have but it could use
    >> some touching up would like to salvage it,ONLY if I can do
    >> it safely.
    >> Thanks
    > How funny i just asked the same thing. I didnt see your
    > post before i did thou. I know there was something i used
    > before. I think it was just unleaded spray paint. But this
    > was over 10 years ago and i dont really see any spray paints
    > labeled unleaded now. They may have just made all spray
    > paint unleaded since last time i painted a cage. The paint
    > i used 10 years ago was said to be safe then but it may not
    > be considered safe anymore. I am also hoping to confirm or
    > find a bird safe paint for my cage.