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Posted by elizabeth on 3/18/06
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    Using a kid safe paint paint the cage after sanding down any
    rough spots. Wash with apple cider vinegar (good
    disenfectant .25% to .75 water is good), wash with water dry,
    apply paint. Allow the paint to fully dry and AIR for at least
    24 hrs - longer would be ideal.
    Wash the cage again with acv, rinse with water, let dry and let
    your bird have fun.

    Yes, If you can pay to have the cage sandblasted that would be
    best, if not this works too just fine. The main point is NOT
    painting around your bird, even the fumes are very harmful, even
    if you do it in a different part of the house. That is the main
    toxic problem - washing, airing etc. cuts down on the fumes, but
    really 24 hrs is the min. I would let it air before letting any
    bird use it.

    On 3/17/06, Adrian wrote:
    > Well i went straight from here to a yahoo search and found this
    > In general, look for paints which:
    > - do not contain lead, zinc or chromate
    > - are "high adhesion", formulated to bond with the metal
    > surface
    > - are hard-wearing
    > - are fast drying
    > Thought you might wanna read it too. I listed the website
    > incase you wanted to read the whole article. Hope i was
    > helpfull.
    > On 3/17/06, Adrian wrote:
    >> On 3/11/06, SHAY wrote:
    >>> Hi
    >>> Does anyone know if there are any safe spray paints to use
    >>> on a bird cage? I love the cage I have but it could use
    >>> some touching up would like to salvage it,ONLY if I can do
    >>> it safely.
    >>> Thanks
    >> How funny i just asked the same thing. I didnt see your
    >> post before i did thou. I know there was something i used
    >> before. I think it was just unleaded spray paint. But this
    >> was over 10 years ago and i dont really see any spray paints
    >> labeled unleaded now. They may have just made all spray
    >> paint unleaded since last time i painted a cage. The paint
    >> i used 10 years ago was said to be safe then but it may not
    >> be considered safe anymore. I am also hoping to confirm or
    >> find a bird safe paint for my cage.