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Re: great idea for your birds room

Posted by connie on 3/19/06
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    On 3/19/06, Corey wrote:
    > On 3/18/06, connie wrote:
    >> Hi everyone, I need to know how to attach a picture on
    >> here because I decorated my birds room so cute and I want
    >> to share it with you. I found on ebay somebody that sells
    >> Tatouage Dry Rub Transfers, you can order beautiful wall
    >> murials for very cheap. I would love to show you what I
    >> did. Great news!!! I put my ad up to bird sit and I
    >> recieved my first client, an African Grey named 'Baby' she
    >> has been with me since last Friday and goes home tomorrow.
    >> I loved having her here she got sooo much attention.
    >> Baby's favorite thing to say is "Holly Crap Baby" I crack
    >> up everytime.
    > You can sign up for a free account at ,upload
    > your pics there then post the link here...
    > If not feel free to email me the pics and I can do it for
    > Corey

    Ok I will try that thanks alot