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Post: Jake is being DNA sexed and question on travelling

Posted by Gail on 3/22/06

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    Thanks to the great advice from Zonmom, I sent for the DNA
    kit and last week took Jake to the vet to have feathers
    plucked. It was mailed last Saturday and now I'm waiting
    for the results.

    Derek, the young man who will one day inheirit Jake
    suggested that if Jake is a female we can call her Peanut,
    one of his favorite snacks.

    On another note, Derek is 14 now and lives about 250 miles
    away, he and his parents visit regularly and Jake is
    bonding to all of the family. Derek would like to take
    Jake for a week or so between visits. He has a cage and
    is building a playstand. When they are here in Anchorage,
    Derek is in charge of feeding, cleaning and generally all
    of the daily care Jake needs. Would the trip have a
    negative impact on Jake? Or would it just be another
    adventure for him?

    Thanks for any input.


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