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Re: Peanut, the bird formerly known as Jake

Posted by Zon Mom on 3/24/06
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    Congratulations on your "Female" baby! So happy you where
    able to get her DNA results so quickly & can now refer to
    her as a "her" & give her a more gender proper name. Will be
    looking forward to seeing the photos when you get a chance
    to upload & post them. Until then, do take care!

    Zon Mom

    On 3/24/06, Gail wrote:
    > Hi All and a special thanks to Zon Mom, I got the results
    > from the DNA test, Peanut, the bird formerly known as
    > Jake, is a female.
    > My friends son Derek, who will one day inheirit Peanut
    > chose the name.I had her records changed at the vet and we
    > all had a good laugh. Actually, as I think of her
    > attitude, being female really fits, she can be a demanding
    > little *itch at times.
    > She is starting to talk, yesterday she said "What cha doin
    > pretty bird?", still a little garbled, but
    > understandable. She loves hanging upside down, from a
    > perch. rope, swing or finger. She is such a little clown.
    > I am also joining the local bird club, I think it will be
    > a great resource to learn more about my baby bird. I am
    > really looking forward to meeting some other bird owners
    > up here. I met a lady at the vets yesterday who had a
    > YNA,sure was a pretty bird. I am real happy that I chose
    > the White Front, a much better choice for apartment
    > living, and still with the comedic personality.
    > I got another picture of Peanut playing with Derek
    > yesterday, as soon as we download it from the camera, I
    > will share it with the board.