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Re: Picture of Peanut

Posted by Gail on 3/31/06
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    On 3/31/06, Zon Mom wrote:

    > How is she doing & has she learned or started doing anything
    > new recently?
    > Zon Mom,

    She is becoming a regular chatterbox, or at least she's
    trying, just a lot of mumbling now, but every once in awhile
    she says, What Cha doin? or Silly bird. She like hanging
    upside woen, on a perch, rope, finger, anything handy. She is
    fearless!! I can change her toys, playstand or introduce new
    foods and there is no hesitation at all.

    Up here n Alaska we have a lot of ravens and mocking birds, so
    it's hard to say what kind of bird calls she'll pick up.

    She really is a joy to have, every day is an adventure with