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Re: Amazon Mascot??

Posted by Adrian on 6/04/06
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    On 6/03/06, Hello wrote:
    > Just in case you are trying to Google "boveria" it doesn't
    > exist. Our little expert meant to spell Bavaria. Is every
    > high school drop out a bird owner?
    > On 4/10/06, adrain wrote:
    >> On 4/09/06, Dave wrote:
    >>> Can anyone tell me what kind of bird is the yellow bird on
    >>> the Amazon home page holding the piece of mail? I have
    >>> also seen them used in BirdTalk magazine advertising bird
    >>> cages what are they?
    >> Its a golden conure also known as the queen of boveria. You
    >> have to have a premit to own them they are very rare.
    EXCUSE ME. I didnít check my spelling but as for being
    a "high school drop out" because i misspelled Bavaria you can
    kiss my ass I happen to have a BA and working on a PhD. you
    jackass. Besides I still identified the breed correctly and Iím
    sure the guy found "GOLDEN CONURE" on a Google search