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Post: Weaning onto no seed?

Posted by Angela on 5/18/06

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    Hi, I am handfeeding a BFA right now and he will remain a
    pet with us. I got him from a great breeder friend of mine
    and she had mentioned how prone to fatty liver amazons can
    be and to limit seed. I had planned to basically wean it
    onto fresh and pellet and not offer any seed during the
    weaning period so that he won't get to be a seed junkie. I
    do feel that some seed is so important for birds,
    especially so they can forage a bit for their food...I just
    don't know how much is too much. I'd love some tips on how
    to integrate seed without eliminating the other goodies.
    The pellets I feed my Timneh are also listed as good for
    Amazons. They are Zupreem Natural fortified with
    vit/minerals especially for greys, zons, eclectus and a few
    others in that category. I do allow my Timneh access to a
    few Nutriberries a day and a mix of seed, nut and dried
    fruit every day along with pellets and something fresh.
    Even he would prefer to only eat the goodies so I only give
    the seed mix after he's eaten fresh and pellet....if I did
    the same thing with my Zon, would there be more likely a
    problem? I just don't want to ruin him LOL Unlike a rescue
    who is older, I'll only have myself to blame if he is not a
    good eater. :) BTW He will be one month tomorrow so we are
    still a while before he'll be getting real foods.

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