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Re: Weaning onto no seed?

Posted by Andie on 5/19/06
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    I don't have any experience weaning the larger birds, so
    someone correct me if I'm wrong please =).

    I would not wean him on to no seeds. As you said, they have
    an important place in the diet, the bad thing is when they
    get too much. If you wean your baby onto a varied diet of
    fresh food, pellets, and seeds, then that's what he will eat
    when he is older. We weaned all our babies like this and
    they are wonderful eaters. They will always prefer seed and
    eat that first if they have a choice, but they will also eat
    just about anything else we put in there too. We weaned them
    onto fresh food and soaked pellets first, because they are
    softer, then introduced millet. They already knew what
    eating on their own was like before they tried the seeds.

    Good Luck,