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Re: type of amazon

Posted by ashley and elmo on 6/19/06
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    On 6/19/06, Leann wrote:
    > Hello, I am considering bringing an amazon into my flock.
    > I would like advice from amazon lovers as to which type of
    > amazon to get. I am interested in a blue front, lilac
    > crown, yellow crown, or green cheek. I will be buying a
    > female. I have done tons of research but I keep hearing
    > that all of these make wonderful companions. I know that
    > each parrot is different and the way it is raised play
    > major roles in personality, but generally which ones do
    > you find to have the most even temperment, friendly
    > personality, and do best within a flock of different types
    > and sizes of parrots? I am experienced with several
    > species of parrots but have never lived with an amazon.

    Hi leann,

    I have a baby mexican red head aka green cheek amazon. He is
    at the breeder's right now he will be coming home this
    saturday. He is the sweetest baby! I really liked the
    bluefronts and was trying to decide between a bluefront and a
    green cheek, i was basically advised to go with the green
    cheek from what i was told the green cheeks and lilac crowns
    tend to be more laid back and easier to train than some of
    the other amazons. I was told the bluefronts are more testy
    and stubborn. I'm sure any of the amazons would make a good
    pet just with the bluefronts and yellow crowns you would have
    to put in a little more work to keep them tame and friendly.
    I personally love the green cheeks! It doesn't seem like too
    many people have green cheeks so i just had to brag about my
    baby! I also have a quaker parrot and a male eclectus. Here
    are some pictures of my baby out at the aviary. He's a dna
    sexed male (i was told to get a male since both of my other
    birds are male) still trying to think of a name for him.