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Re: type of amazon

Posted by Leann on 6/19/06
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    On 6/19/06, ashley and elmo wrote:
    > On 6/19/06, Leann wrote:
    >> On 6/19/06, ashley and elmo wrote:
    >>> Another one......
    >> Hi Ashley,
    >> He's adorable. Just a quick question. Where are you getting him?
    >> It wouldn't happen to be in Sunbury, Ohio would it? Leann
    > Yep hartman aviary! Wow i kinda thought when you mentioned green
    > cheeks, yellow crowns and bluefronts because i know they breed
    > those species there. Great place! Have you been out there yet?

    Yes, I have. I thought I recognized that background. They are really
    helpful there. Congrads on your new baby! Did they dna test him for
    you? Did you pick out that one or did you go with him because he was
    a male? The green cheeks and the lilac crowns are the ones I am
    leaning toward too.