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Re: type of amazon

Posted by ashley and elmo on 6/19/06
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    On 6/19/06, Leann wrote:
    > On 6/19/06, ashley and elmo wrote:
    >> On 6/19/06, Leann wrote:
    >>> On 6/19/06, ashley and elmo wrote:
    >>>> Another one......
    >>> Hi Ashley,
    >>> He's adorable. Just a quick question. Where are you getting him?
    >>> It wouldn't happen to be in Sunbury, Ohio would it? Leann
    >> Yep hartman aviary! Wow i kinda thought when you mentioned green
    >> cheeks, yellow crowns and bluefronts because i know they breed
    >> those species there. Great place! Have you been out there yet?
    > Yes, I have. I thought I recognized that background. They are really
    > helpful there. Congrads on your new baby! Did they dna test him for
    > you? Did you pick out that one or did you go with him because he was
    > a male? The green cheeks and the lilac crowns are the ones I am
    > leaning toward too.

    I went out about 3 weeks ago when all the babies were tiny and put down
    a deposit for a male green cheek. They dna sexed him for me then i went
    out there last weekend and they said this one's yours lol. I'm very
    happy with him it's almost as if he knows i'm his new mom lol. I
    believe they have 4 other green cheeks and they had quite a few lilac
    crowns, don't know how many are available. My baby is one of the
    oldest green cheeks he is around 10-11 weeks old so i'll be getting him
    this weekend and then finish handfeeding him. They said the lilac
    crowns and green cheeks have a similar personality just the price
    difference because the green cheeks breed easier. I got to hold him
    for a few mins before he took off flying lol but he would keep landing
    by me and let me pet him.