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Re: type of amazon

Posted by Debbie on 7/12/06
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    I adopted a yellow naped amazon that had been through many homes
    and is kinda crazy but its understandable after hearing some of
    the things they did to her in her home before she came
    here.....that lady that gave her "problem child" to me because
    she enough about the bird but just didnt have the time the bird
    required. She hates women but she loves men. I guess she was put
    in a washing machine and they turned it on plus who knows what
    else so this is her last home no matter what!! I still send
    pictures to the previous mom and let her know how she is doing.
    About the same time I also adopted a double yellow head who was
    43 now 46 from a lady in her 80's she just wasnt able to handle
    him anymore. I would send her pictures of him online so she
    could see he was doing good which made her feel good up until
    her last days, she passed on but her daughters and I still keep
    in touch.
    I also bought a 5 year old blue front amazon but after a few
    years here I had to sell him because he just wasnt happy here
    with my other birds no matter what I did for him. He wanted the
    YN female and was mean to me because I wouldnt let him have her.
    That was hard on me but better for him and he is very happy
    where he is now and I can ask how he is doing anytime as well.
    ANYHOW my point I wanted to make to you is that these 3 are the
    HOT head amazons during breeding times so dont be a dummy like
    me and find out after you fall in love with them up
    on that "FUN" part of the amazons or ask on here how others
    amazons might be during the breeding season. Not all birds act
    the same I'm sure. I also have TAGS, CAGS, senegals, green
    cheeks, Max pionus, diamond doves, English parakeets,
    cockatiels, and a pair of POW and canaries too.
    Good luck in whatever you decide to do and ask ask ask
    Debbie from Calif.

    On 7/12/06, Betsy wrote:
    > On 6/19/06, ashley and elmo wrote:
    >> On 6/19/06, Leann wrote:
    >>> Hello, I am considering bringing an amazon into my flock.
    >>> I would like advice from amazon lovers as to which type of
    >>> amazon to get. I am interested in a blue front, lilac
    >>> crown, yellow crown, or green cheek. I will be buying a
    >>> female. I have done tons of research but I keep hearing
    >>> that all of these make wonderful companions. I know that
    >>> each parrot is different and the way it is raised play
    >>> major roles in personality, but generally which ones do
    >>> you find to have the most even temperment, friendly
    >>> personality, and do best within a flock of different types
    >>> and sizes of parrots? I am experienced with several
    >>> species of parrots but have never lived with an amazon.
    >> Hi leann,
    >> I have a baby mexican red head aka green cheek amazon. He is
    >> at the breeder's right now he will be coming home this
    >> saturday. He is the sweetest baby! I really liked the
    >> bluefronts and was trying to decide between a bluefront and a
    >> green cheek, i was basically advised to go with the green
    >> cheek from what i was told the green cheeks and lilac crowns
    >> tend to be more laid back and easier to train than some of
    >> the other amazons. I was told the bluefronts are more testy
    >> and stubborn. I'm sure any of the amazons would make a good
    >> pet just with the bluefronts and yellow crowns you would have
    >> to put in a little more work to keep them tame and friendly.
    >> I personally love the green cheeks! It doesn't seem like too
    >> many people have green cheeks so i just had to brag about my
    >> baby! I also have a quaker parrot and a male eclectus. Here
    >> are some pictures of my baby out at the aviary. He's a dna
    >> sexed male (i was told to get a male since both of my other
    >> birds are male) still trying to think of a name for him.