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Re: type of amazon

Posted by Debbie on 7/13/06
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    I guess the house that the lady got her from they had 5 kids and
    teenagers were mean to the bird. I had big problems with her and
    still it will take a long time if she ever trust me but she is doing
    good here and loves our 25 Y/O son when he comes to visit.
    At first I thought she needed extra time and would handle her a lot
    during the day but always had to watch her cause she bites to the
    bone if not twice. BAD bites too. My husband was ready to kill her
    for still biting me like that after 2 years with us but I am very
    stubborn and it made me more determined to not give up on her. I
    learned she had no control cause she did seem kinda sorry after she
    would see THE BLOOD.
    Now she is in her own room and all of the birds are better off
    especially her. I turn the TV on for her and the cat to watch during
    the day and take her food and treats and talk to her but only take
    her out for a little bit at the end of the day and sometimes in the
    shower as well with me just for a little "extra" time. Its been over
    a year and no more bites Thank GOD. I'm not saying she doesnt try or
    wouldnt love to get me. Some women had to be really mean to her and
    its sad she had to go through so much but I am in it for life with
    her. A few months ago I adopted what was to be a mean male Congo
    grey that would only be good for a breeder. She said OH he bites
    hard. When he finally did get me I wrote who I got him from and said
    that wasnt a hard bite if you want a hard bite I have an amazon for
    you to pet. This guy is a pussy cat compared to her. I guess I
    needed her to make me appericate the many bites in life :0)
    This mean male Congo turned out to be the sweetest female....we
    bonded in just a few weeks and she even laid "ME" 3 eggs. She let me
    pet her touch her eggs and was so gentle with them and looked like
    she will be a great mom.
    I just found a 2 Y/O male that I bought from an online bird friend
    (she had to sell him because she was allergic to birds)some
    hopefully some day the "3" of us can have some babies. HA HA
    It was nice that I happened to see her ad she posted because we
    hadnt talked in a while and then I bought her male so we finally got
    to meet in person. Now she still gets to see her bird online and
    hear how he is doing after the week and 1/2 that he has been here so
    far and it was really all just meant to be as I always say.
    So thats some of my birds stories....I should write a book cause
    they all come with stories like that.
    Have a good day.