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Re: type of amazon

Posted by ashley and elmo on 7/14/06
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    Hi leann! Kermit is doing good. He's been home for 3 weeks now. He's
    still on 2 handfeedings a day he's around 14 weeks old. He's a sweet bird
    he doesn't sit still though he likes to fly around alot. Elmo and miles
    (quaker and electus) don't get along with other birds, i think they enjoy
    each others company but if they get to close they get in a beak match.
    Kermit seems to like being around the others though, hopefully they'll
    teach him to talk. Elmo taught miles to say peekaboo and squeekaboo lol.
    Elmo the quaker is the best talker so far, the cutest thing he says is give
    a kiss, it's adorable. Did you decide which baby your gonna get yet?

    On 7/13/06, Leann wrote:
    > Hi Ashley,
    > How are you and your new baby? What do your other birds think of him?
    > Leann