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Post: Peanut is a year old...time sure flies!!

Posted by Gail on 6/25/06

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    Peanut, my WFA, just turned a year old yesterday. She is
    such a joy to have around, even my room mate, who has
    never lived with a bird is completely under her spell.
    Especially when Peanut talks to her. I spend a lot of
    time making toys for her to play and learn. She is
    curious and always loves new adventures or toys in her
    cage or on her playstand. He latest favorite is peanuts
    wrapped in newspaper like cndy that I attach to her cage,
    she goes nuts for them. Of course, not all the wrappings
    have peanuts in them, but she sure like tearing them apart.

    She alos like meeting new people, she doesn't seem shy at
    all. She is just a sweetheart. Of course, just so no one
    thinks she's stuffed because I don't report problems, she
    does have her moments when she screams, i just ask her if
    she wants to go Nite Nite, and she calms right down.

    I don't post often, as I don't have a lot of questions,
    usually when I do, i call my avian vet or read. I have
    read a lot about the terrible twos, and haven't seen much
    of it yet . She gets a lot of passive attention, on her
    playstand in the living rooms and a good selections of
    toys that I change regularly. She also gets handled a
    lot, butshe enjoys just playing and hanging out.

    I'm really looking forward to the next year.


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