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Re: I'm still looking for my baby

Posted by Toni on 7/11/06
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    I am so very sorry. I pray you find your baby.

    On 7/04/06, Deb wrote:
    > I'm still looking for my baby, Lucy.
    > She is an Orange Winged Amazon. She was stolen 7/15/2002
    > from my home in Denver. She is very vocal and has some
    > great "wild" calls. She's about 20 years old now. I miss
    > her terribly. Please, if anyone knows of any OWA in
    > Colorado I would love to talk to them. Lucy, was an angel
    > to me, but very aggressive to the rest of my family. She
    > prefers women(I think). She's used to cats. Her band is
    > round, not flat like most and the print is not ledgable.
    > Please, help me if you can. My name is Deb. My e-mail is
    > Thank you!!!!