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Re: VERY loud red-lored, antidepressants?

Posted by Ladyhawk747 on 4/09/07
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    On 7/08/06, Sunmaiyde wrote:
    > I have a 12 year old red-lored that came to me as
    > a "project bird". She was much less to purchase than my
    > other 2, of course I took her to the vet and replaced her
    > cage as the one she came in was so small that she could
    > hardley spread her wings. We quickly found that she
    > prefers to be a man's bird, my ex moved out about six
    > weeks ago and I decided to keep her because I don't trust
    > him with her care. I am a female. Cha-Cha has made
    > amazing progress since then, I can handle her now and even
    > pet her sometimes. When no one is looking, she will let me
    > rub her neck and head through the cage bars.
    > I am used to bird noise, I have always had birds of some
    > sort-ranging from keets to conures to greys and amazons.
    > Cha-Cha takes it over the top though, I am sure her noises
    > are related to anxiety. She is generally quiet if it's
    > just myself and child. She screams when we get home and
    > when we leave, often when we are eating. It is a quick,
    > loud and sharp noise. She tends to be loud if we have any
    > company at all, especially men or children. Covering her
    > does not work, time-outs do not work. She will scream for
    > 20 minutes or more. I can hear her from my neighbors
    > house (20 feet away with all of our windows/doors
    > closed). I am concerned that someone may complain & force
    > me to get rid of her.
    > I am not to certain about her past. I bought her from a
    > family that decided to thin their flock because they had
    > 10 parrots, only one was a conure-the rest were greys,
    > amazons, toos and macaws. Cha-Cha was chosen to leave due
    > to noise and aggression towards the wife and children in
    > the family. This bird will chase you across the floor if
    > she doesn't like you. This family had inherited her when
    > her senior owner died, I heard that she was NEVER in a
    > cage when she lived with the old guy. However, if she can
    > get down when she is let out she will chew on EVERYTHING-
    > furniture, walls, trim, curtains & even wires.
    > I think I have heard that they have anxiety medication for
    > birds. Does anyone have any experience with this? Cost,
    > how it's given, effect? Does anyone have any other
    > ideas? I have learned in the last few weeks that she
    > responds better to "it's ok, you calm down" then verbal
    > reprimand. I am open to suggestions.