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Re: VERY loud red-lored, antidepressants? ////// Mercedez

Posted by Lillian on 6/29/07
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    On 6/28/07, KittyJ wrote:
    > Why not let her eat your food with her? And let her out of
    > her cage with you guys when you are all around. Spending a
    > bit more away from the cage and with you and whoever may
    > help...
    > Birds are loud. And should vocalize 2-3 times a day at their
    > fullest.
    > Too much time in the cage, away from the family (you) and
    > boredom can cause a bird ot scream. Plus one thing to
    > consider is it is mating/hormonal season, so this may have
    > her calling for a mate (you) much more.
    > I am not an amazon expert. I just adopted my first Red Lored
    > as well. Everything good here. But I am just saying my
    > experience with my Umbie, how he reacts and all, and how I
    > help him :)
    > Mercedez

    I've been following your posts and I have a question for you.
    I know you're a young woman but have dreams of becoming a vet
    or working with animals.
    What will become of your birds when you are off to college?