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Re: VERY loud red-lored, antidepressants? ////// Mercedez

Posted by Mercedez on 6/30/07
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    > Thank you Electra. I understand the obvious. I wanted to hear
    > Mercedez's grand and glorious tale.

    Im sorry it wont be grand nor glorious, and I dont believe in Glory,
    meaning I dont do glory :) Thanks for aasking, I would gladly answer
    my fellow birdmartians :)

    I want to live with my mom for the rest of my life. She and I are
    best friends, smae interests, and LOVE animals. My birds are
    theraputic (spelling?) , my mom is recovering from Chemotharapy and
    other medical problems. I dont know exactly WHAT I want to be when I
    am older. I want to work with animals that for sure. But I also like
    nature. Nature is my life, and so is wildlife. but I have a raneg of
    interests as I love birds flying and would love to teach all bird
    that I com across in captivity recall training. And so far with
    Bokka so good. I have taught my other birds recall, but never knew
    it was called recall. lol.

    I am also interested in wilflife conservation and would love to save
    land, and save wildlife, and help rehab them into the wild.

    I have come to the conclusion I think it would be great to get a
    Wildlife Biology degree :)

    I plan to live with my mom, as I sai dbefore. I am not a people's
    person, more of an animal person. As many may of noticed, I am an
    animal activist. And I love animals more than people. I am sorry to
    say, but I feel mor eat ease and comfortbale in nature, and wildlife
    and with animals than people. I dont plan on living with a man in my
    life. So no problem there.

    I plan on living with my mom and with my birds and living for awhile
    and well start from there.

    I am not 100% sure what I want to be in a few years but I believe a
    wildlife biology degree would help. And if I needed any further
    schoolign after this, I would take it.

    So.. Here is my lists of interested. Career/job interests:

    Wildlife Conservation
    Rehabilitating endangered species
    Bird training
    Wildlife Photographer and magazine writer

    Hmm.. Yeah thats baout it for now.

    Anything else you want to know?

    Mercedez aka KittyJ