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Re: add on (lol)

Posted by Mercedez on 6/30/07
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    Now by answering your question already. i wanted to add a bit more.

    By living with my mom and my siblings moving out and living their
    lives doign as they please and wish. My birds also share my love for
    my mom. Bokka believes he is my mate, so he LOVES me and myu
    attention. Bokka is my Umbie. And Bokka like grandma, my mom. All of
    my birds love Bokka. And with training I believe we can get somewhere
    if I ever acquire a bird that HATE mom or loves her and not me. But
    thats life.

    Mom is intereste din rescuing birds and then fining good homes fo
    rthem after vet treatment, love and training. And I think that would
    be great.

    Again I am young, 17, turning 18 sometime in the near future, and well
    I have plunty to figure out. I just want to get my Wildlife Biology
    degree and go from there. :)

    Thanks again for thinking of me

    Mercedez aka KittyJ