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Re: VERY loud red-lored, antidepressants? ////// Mercedez

Posted by Sunmaiyde on 7/01/08
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    Wow. Time flies. I stumbled across this post again, thought I would take a
    few moments to fill anyone in that cares ;). Cha-Cha refused to stop
    screaming and ultimately was given to a person who can give her more time. I
    was very honest in the placing process and found a retired gentleman that she
    now spends her days with. He is home with her a lot, has built a perch and
    ladder for her, spoils her rotten and they are great for each other. I gave
    her to him with the understanding that she is returned to my care when he is
    no longer able or wanting to provide for her anymore. She has been with him
    for nearly a year. I occasionally visit his house and we have discovered that
    the bird really is upset by my presence, she is off for days after I visit. I
    have never been mean to her and am not aware of anything that I could have
    done to offend her, other than keeping her when the ex left? She is generally
    quiet and well mannered now. In any event, I will continue to see myself as
    her guardian, but will not keep her. I know she is in good hands, she does
    prefer the company of older gentleman and when the time comes that she can no
    longer live with her current human, I will find her another.