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Re: VERY loud red-lored, antidepressants?

Posted by Debbie on 8/04/07
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    On 7/08/06, Sunmaiyde wrote:
    > I have a 12 year old red-lored that came to me as
    > a "project bird". She was much less to purchase than my
    > other 2, of course I took her to the vet and replaced her
    > cage as the one she came in was so small that she could
    > hardley spread her wings. We quickly found that she
    > prefers to be a man's bird, my ex moved out about six
    > weeks ago and I decided to keep her because I don't trust
    > him with her care. I am a female. Cha-Cha has made
    > amazing progress since then, I can handle her now and even
    > pet her sometimes. When no one is looking, she will let me
    > rub her neck and head through the cage bars.
    > I am used to bird noise, I have always had birds of some
    > sort-ranging from keets to conures to greys and amazons.
    > Cha-Cha takes it over the top though, I am sure her noises
    > are related to anxiety. She is generally quiet if it's
    > just myself and child. She screams when we get home and
    > when we leave, often when we are eating. It is a quick,
    > loud and sharp noise. She tends to be loud if we have any
    > company at all, especially men or children. Covering her
    > does not work, time-outs do not work. She will scream for
    > 20 minutes or more. I can hear her from my neighbors
    > house (20 feet away with all of our windows/doors
    > closed). I am concerned that someone may complain & force
    > me to get rid of her.
    > I am not to certain about her past. I bought her from a
    > family that decided to thin their flock because they had
    > 10 parrots, only one was a conure-the rest were greys,
    > amazons, toos and macaws. Cha-Cha was chosen to leave due
    > to noise and aggression towards the wife and children in
    > the family. This bird will chase you across the floor if
    > she doesn't like you. This family had inherited her when
    > her senior owner died, I heard that she was NEVER in a
    > cage when she lived with the old guy. However, if she can
    > get down when she is let out she will chew on EVERYTHING-
    > furniture, walls, trim, curtains & even wires.
    > I think I have heard that they have anxiety medication for
    > birds. Does anyone have any experience with this? Cost,
    > how it's given, effect? Does anyone have any other
    > ideas? I have learned in the last few weeks that she
    > responds better to "it's ok, you calm down" then verbal
    > reprimand. I am open to suggestions.


    I am new the chat but I think I can help.

    Your bird doesn't like the cage. She is screaming to get
    out. A tall play stand with lots of wood toys to destroy and
    chew is all she needs, if she leaves her persh (clip those
    wings!) pick her up with a towel if she bites and doesn't
    understand step up with a hand or wood perch.. Place her
    back on her playstand. Give her a treat only on her

    Never yell at the bird, she will consider that all good fun,
    noise is great for birds. You are correct..ALWAYS speak
    gently to your bird. When she screams, ignor her and when
    you see her do something cute or playing quitly with her
    toys give her attention then. This reinforces the good
    behavior you want her to do.

    I hope this helps you and anyone else with a screamer.