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Re: I've got an Amazon and need advice

Posted by Toni B/G Macaw and Yellow Nape Amazon on 7/11/06
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    Nick, WOW - what type of amazon is he? I can give you some
    advice that has worked for me.

    I recieved Jake - 5 + yr Yellow Nape as a rehomed bird. He
    has had several home and was somewhat tramatized when I got

    Cover the cage partly all the time, He is in a new cage and
    needs time to adjust. To much activity is bad right now.
    Sit next to him and gently talk to him several times a day (
    I suggest it should be the primary caregiver first) Leave
    him in his cage for a few days and let him adjust. BABY
    STEPS. He has to learn that you don't want to hurt him and
    that you respect his rights to make choices when he is
    handled. You want him to do things because he WANTS to, not
    because you make him.

    Get these two books by Joane Doss. She is the Amazon expert
    and these are very inexpensive. They will help you know what
    your baby is saying with his body language. VERY IMPORTANT-

    Your going to get bit, and it is going to hurt. Don't yell,
    wave your hands - just try and stay as calm as possible. If
    you make a comotion, you reenfore that by biting you, he can
    make you go away or stop your activity. He will talk when he
    feels safe. He doesn't want to draw attention to himself
    right now.

    I will post more when I see your reply... so I know you get

    How old?
    What type?

    On 7/10/06, Nick wrote:
    > We've just bought an Amazon from a reputable pet shop and
    > would like advice to help understand how to make him/her
    > happy in his/her new environment. (Let's call 'it' a him
    > for now).
    > We bought him about a week ago and he's very nervous - we
    > can't go near the cage without him flapping and moving
    > around the cage climbing on everything to get away or keep
    > moving.
    > He doesn't seem to be eating much except for some fresh
    > apple that we give him every day.
    > Also, he doesn't seem to be making any noises at all.
    > Is there anything we can do please?
    > Thanks,
    > Nick