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Re: Help!!! Mixing Parrots

Posted by audrey on 7/10/06
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    On 7/10/06, Alison wrote:
    > On 7/10/06, Jenny wrote:
    Age, gender, temperment all play major roles in whether or not
    two birds would get along. Also if you are getting a second
    bird, it is best to have them close in size. Even good buddies
    can seriously injure one another accidently. Be sure to know
    the sex of your bird. Have it dna'd. Don't just assume the sex
    of the bird. Make sure that the new bird has been sexed too. I
    have seen many grey and amaon homes where everyone was happy.
    In some homes, all of the birds get along wonderfully
    regardless of size. Get the type of parrot that you want. Get
    a parrot that you love. Better yet, along a bird to pick you.
    Most birds are happier if there is another parrot in the house
    even if they never become friends. Good Luck!

    Does anyone know? I have a Grey. Would it be a good idea
    >> to get a MaCaw or Amazon or would I be better off getting
    >> another Grey? I would like another type of parrot for
    >> variety but I want to put them on the same large perch
    >> without somebody getting killed.
    > __________________________________
    > Unfortunately there is no guarantee that any two birds would
    > get along, regardless of what species they are. -Alison-