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Re: Help!!! Mixing Parrots

Posted by Toni - B/G Macaw and YNA on 7/11/06
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    I'm in the process of introducing my Amazon to my B/G Macaw.
    It seems to be going very smooth.

    I recieved Jake - Yellow Nape as a rehomed bird. He is very
    reclusive, but friendly. He has a great vocab and is
    expressive off an on during the day.

    I have recieved a B/G macaw 6 years old about a month ago. He
    is VERY different. The noise level is EXTREME compared to
    Jake. I love Dalila, but the noise is taking some getting used
    to. Macaw's are much more friendly, but can be harder to

    Good luck with your family

    > On 7/10/06, Jenny wrote:
    >> Does anyone know? I have a Grey. Would it be a good idea
    >> to get a MaCaw or Amazon or would I be better off getting
    >> another Grey? I would like another type of parrot for
    >> variety but I want to put them on the same large perch
    >> without somebody getting killed.