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Re: Help!!! Mixing Parrots

Posted by Laura on 7/16/06
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    I am a former bird trainer who is very fortunate not to have lost
    my finger from a MaCaw that bit me while playing. It happened
    more than once. I am no longer a trainer but I still have ten
    fingers. Very partial to Cag & Eclectus.

    On 7/15/06, gwen wrote:
    > Honestly I completely diasgree here. I have 8 macaws, 2
    amazons, 1 tag and 1
    > cag. The last 4 completely out do the macaws w/ their noise!
    My macaws are
    > great ... they are only noisy at feeding time however the other
    4 are noisy ALL
    > the time. And macaws do know thier own biting power it just
    depends on
    > whether the owner knows when to put their foot down. Not to
    > anyone on any one tpye of parrot .. they're all great I just
    hate to see macaws get
    > the bad reputation many people give them because they don't
    understand them.
    > A macaw is more like having a 3 year old around all the time,
    they are very
    > demanding but in the end they make much better companions. :)
    > On 7/15/06, Rebecca wrote:
    >> So I am sitting here wondering the same thing. If you have
    >> relative peace and quiet with a Gray or two...why in the world
    >> would you want to add a B&G MaCaw or a Blue Front Amazon. A
    >> FINGER WHILE IT IS JUST PLAYING. A MaCaw has no idea of its
    >> biting power and the best of trainers have lost a finger or
    >> two out of the blue when the bird was calm. A Blue Front
    >> Amazon is also likely to be very noisy and demanding. Some
    >> people think they are more mellow than the two popular Yellows
    >> but I have not seen much of a difference. Grays are much
    >> quieter in terms of decibal level. Let me emphasize: MUCH
    >> QUIETER!
    >> On 7/11/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>> Its a good question one should always ask before to see what
    >>> other bird people have maybe done with their birds.
    >>> When I got my 2nd TAG he came with an amazon and a big cage
    >>> they were both in. They had been together since the were
    >>> both babies and were 5 when I got them. I ended up
    >>> seperating them because they were starting to have male
    >>> HORMONES kick in and getting fisty with each other and I
    >>> didnt want either to get hurt. I have many types of pet
    >>> birds here CAGs and TAGs as well. What I do here in the
    >>> birdroom is have one huge perch with many branches they can
    >>> be out on where they cant get to each other...well they can
    >>> but you learn who to put out with whom at the same time
    >>> other wise they are free to go in and out of their own cages
    >>> and hang out on cage tops unless I leave the house.
    >>> Wings are clipped to keep some off of cages where they dont
    >>> belong as well.
    >>> All birds personalities arent the same just like people, you
    >>> just have to get a feel of how they are and watch them close.
    >>> In my bird room I have 2 green cheeks (one is a baby female
    >>> for my male), a senegal,a max pionus, a DYH amazon, a pair
    >>> of canaries and my baby cockatiels I am feeding plus my CAGs
    >>> and TAG and a YN amazon in other rooms but most get to come
    >>> play in here during the day.
    >>> Good luck in whatever you decide to do :0)
    >>> Birds are really lots of fun and remember you are "the
    >>> master of the house" that can make things work one way or
    >>> another.
    >>> Debbie
    >>> On 7/10/06, Jenny wrote:
    >>>> Does anyone know? I have a Grey. Would it be a good idea
    >>>> to get a MaCaw or Amazon or would I be better off getting
    >>>> another Grey? I would like another type of parrot for
    >>>> variety but I want to put them on the same large perch
    >>>> without somebody getting killed.