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Re: Help!!! Mixing Parrots

Posted by gwen on 7/16/06
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    Very understandable I'm just simply stating that people should not be down on a
    macaw unless they have had a personal experience w/ one which you have but w/
    your encounter w/ a macaw you seem to be trying to make people leary of them. I
    personally have never had a problem and I've had them for almost 20 years. They do
    bite harder but like I said before when playing w/ a macaw you have to be paying
    attention to what they're doing because they do get a little fiesty at times I do agree
    w/ that. I'm just saying don't discourage others from enjoying them, everyone should
    make a point when looking for a parrot to explore all of them whether it be buying
    one, which is kinda hasty if you don't know their personalities, or whether it is finding
    someone that has one that they can spend some time w/. I do agree that if you don't
    know macaws ... and sometimes if you do that they are a million times different than
    any other parrot, but tha'ts also true between greys and amazons and ekkies and
    every other type out there. They all bite but it's a given that macaws bites will be
    worse than others because their beaks are much bigger. I'm not saying any of this as
    an attack because lord knows we have enough of that on this site I'm just saying be
    open. What other kinds of parrots do you have Laura? You don't like macaws that's
    understandable given your situation. I however cannot stank cockatoos for that same
    reason but I would never tell someone to stay away from them because they're no
    good. As far as the noise ... all animals, including humans, are noisy. It's our nature.

    On 7/16/06, Laura wrote:
    > I am a former bird trainer who is very fortunate not to have lost
    > my finger from a MaCaw that bit me while playing. It happened
    > more than once. I am no longer a trainer but I still have ten
    > fingers. Very partial to Cag & Eclectus.
    > On 7/15/06, gwen wrote:
    >> Honestly I completely diasgree here. I have 8 macaws, 2
    > amazons, 1 tag and 1
    >> cag. The last 4 completely out do the macaws w/ their noise!
    > My macaws are
    >> great ... they are only noisy at feeding time however the other
    > 4 are noisy ALL
    >> the time. And macaws do know thier own biting power it just
    > depends on
    >> whether the owner knows when to put their foot down. Not to
    > discourage
    >> anyone on any one tpye of parrot .. they're all great I just
    > hate to see macaws get
    >> the bad reputation many people give them because they don't
    > understand them.
    >> A macaw is more like having a 3 year old around all the time,
    > they are very
    >> demanding but in the end they make much better companions. :)
    >> On 7/15/06, Rebecca wrote:
    >>> So I am sitting here wondering the same thing. If you have
    >>> relative peace and quiet with a Gray or two...why in the world
    >>> would you want to add a B&G MaCaw or a Blue Front Amazon. A
    >>> FINGER WHILE IT IS JUST PLAYING. A MaCaw has no idea of its
    >>> biting power and the best of trainers have lost a finger or
    >>> two out of the blue when the bird was calm. A Blue Front
    >>> Amazon is also likely to be very noisy and demanding. Some
    >>> people think they are more mellow than the two popular Yellows
    >>> but I have not seen much of a difference. Grays are much
    >>> quieter in terms of decibal level. Let me emphasize: MUCH
    >>> QUIETER!
    >>> On 7/11/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>>> Its a good question one should always ask before to see what
    >>>> other bird people have maybe done with their birds.
    >>>> When I got my 2nd TAG he came with an amazon and a big cage
    >>>> they were both in. They had been together since the were
    >>>> both babies and were 5 when I got them. I ended up
    >>>> seperating them because they were starting to have male
    >>>> HORMONES kick in and getting fisty with each other and I
    >>>> didnt want either to get hurt. I have many types of pet
    >>>> birds here CAGs and TAGs as well. What I do here in the
    >>>> birdroom is have one huge perch with many branches they can
    >>>> be out on where they cant get to each other...well they can
    >>>> but you learn who to put out with whom at the same time
    >>>> other wise they are free to go in and out of their own cages
    >>>> and hang out on cage tops unless I leave the house.
    >>>> Wings are clipped to keep some off of cages where they dont
    >>>> belong as well.
    >>>> All birds personalities arent the same just like people, you
    >>>> just have to get a feel of how they are and watch them close.
    >>>> In my bird room I have 2 green cheeks (one is a baby female
    >>>> for my male), a senegal,a max pionus, a DYH amazon, a pair
    >>>> of canaries and my baby cockatiels I am feeding plus my CAGs
    >>>> and TAG and a YN amazon in other rooms but most get to come
    >>>> play in here during the day.
    >>>> Good luck in whatever you decide to do :0)
    >>>> Birds are really lots of fun and remember you are "the
    >>>> master of the house" that can make things work one way or
    >>>> another.
    >>>> Debbie
    >>>> On 7/10/06, Jenny wrote:
    >>>>> Does anyone know? I have a Grey. Would it be a good idea
    >>>>> to get a MaCaw or Amazon or would I be better off getting
    >>>>> another Grey? I would like another type of parrot for
    >>>>> variety but I want to put them on the same large perch
    >>>>> without somebody getting killed.