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Post: Retired & Ready to Rumble!!! Help Wanted!!!

Posted by Marlene on 7/18/06

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    Hi Everyone! I heard about this chatboard last year and
    finally decided to dive in! I just retired as a school
    teacher after 30 years and now I'm ready to rumble at age
    well, let's just say ... slightly more than half a
    century. Now I'm ready to live out my dreams come true!
    It's a very exciting time. After I travel this summer, I
    plan to buy a pair of Congos, a pair of Eclectus, a pair
    of Scarlett Macaws, a pair of Blue & Gold Macaws, a pair
    of Amazons and fill up a couple of M T bedrooms!! I have
    the time but I'm not sure if I will have the $$$$$$ but
    it's kinda my last chance if you know what I mean. I know
    these parrots will outlive myself and my husband so will
    be passing them along in my Living Trust. I've read all
    the important books like "Birds for Dummies" and can't
    wait to get started! The only problem I see is pet
    sitting fees for when I take a week or two for a vacation
    in future years. I will have to leave the birds alone
    unless I can find somebody to come in for $200 (or less) a
    week. The recommended avian vet checks are $500.00
    annually so I'll need to throw that out the window as
    well! Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome!

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