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Re: New Amazon

Posted by Sonoma on 7/25/06
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    On 7/24/06, Becca wrote:
    > Hello Everyone,
    > I am the proud new mommy of a blue front amazon. Anyone
    > have any special advice for raising a happy well mannered
    > amazon? It sure does like to chew. So different from my
    > cockatoo and conures.

    Amazons are like wood carvers because in the wild, they chew
    out a space for their nests inside an opening in a dead tree
    and things like that. Mine was once give his own drawer full
    of old but freshly washed socks and tee shirts and it took
    him only a few weeks to shred the fabric and a good portion
    of the sides of the drawer in an attempt to make a nest.

    The result of that was that he became very aggressive when I
    tried to keep him from that drawer. I learned most painfully.

    The idea is to give an Amazon plenty of wood things to chew
    on so it doesn't go for your furniture, but don't let it get
    the idea it is creating a nest. They love enclosures like
    drawers and cabinets. Cheap, clean, wooden toys are the best
    and in their cage, not in your "cage."

    Talk to the bird like you would a favorite child, but watch
    what you say. You will (not might) WILL someday find it
    saying the same thing in front of anyone within ear-shot.

    My Double Yellow likes to say, "For goodness sake! I never
    heard such a racket going on in here! What's all the